This project was started from a rather challenging purpose - to redesign a view beyond the window... Yes, sounds rather odd. But, if you think of it - it's not so surprising. In our urban reality there are many unpleasant industrial (and post-industrial) views we should to find a way to live with.

But, how can you change a "view"? Very often the only tool you have is to change Your view, Your perspective, Your representation of the reality.

And as it is usually happens in the interior design - the disadvantages should be transformed into advantages. So, the obstacles like surrounding buildings, roofs, antennas and so on should be used for reconstruction and new associative connections.

One of the most prominent ways for such "reconstruction" is using of humorous interpretation, as you can see below:

Since you can deal with urban obstacles - it seems the rural views can become a great platform for your imagination.


I've focused above mainly on windows design. Indeed, windows seem to be the most significant part of any interior. Nevertheless, there are plenty of usually unused spaces which demand to change our attitude. One of them - light switches and various energy appliances which have become a part of our everyday life.

Every item like bookshelf, table, vase or even bicycles could be used for you redesign project:

Usually, the opportunities for redesign are pretty rich and depend on your personal interpretation.

Stickers dimensions also play an important role in redesigning process. Small stickers could match various corners and shapes. Stickers of large sizes could be more appropriate for a big window or a wall. 

See below the same sticker in various surroundings:

More ideas for your living space:

See below also stickers for a car design:

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