Jul 8, 2020


Some words about the HOW ARE CARTOONS MADE

Cartoon is not only an illustration of humorous non-realistic style, but nowadays it also refers to some motion, development or evolution. But, there are many possibilities of motion representation in cartoon. 
Contemporary cartoon very often deals with any situation which was taken from 'illusive' reality and helps to reconstruct a whole chain development by a single image. Sometimes, the whole chain development can be condensed into a single image. Let's see below how it works.

Cartoon drawing

Narrative Process

My latest project "Music Connects" (May 2019) was started from a single character of Harp passionate musician. And, it was rapidly grown into a small orchestra...   

On the photos: The first steps... 

The characters gave me a clue for the further steps. "They had something in common," - I thought. "And this is not only their passion". From it's beginning it was a trio and in their common passion they were completely disconnected from the reality. 
So, the next was a boat, which became a metaphor. It fenced the musicians from the surrounding reality.

But, what is the "reality"? I was seeking for the answer in two directions, based on semantic associations of the words "the Passion" & "Disconnectedness". The clues were found. But what about the characters?  

Step by step, the characters were found too, but the interaction between them have become decisive.

And then comes the apogee...:

The epic culmination was exploded by a critical comment from aside...

What seems to be crazy to one person - can be easily interpreted by others as inspiration. The issue is what inspires us.

And, yes, somebody's inspiration could be easily interpreted also as disturbing stimulation...

And what makes YOU to feel inspired? 😉

The same in here: